Social Innovation

Why Social Innovation?
Humans are an amazingly creative species and they have excelled in technological innovation that improves our lives greatly. While human activity in the past has been looking to create bigger, better and faster products, the most pressing future challenge to humanity appears to be social innovation: How can more people enjoy the benefits that come from technological advances? How can resources be distributed in a way so that everyone has a chance to lead a good life?

The Key to Social Innovationshapeimage_2

I went about exploring these questions for more than fifteen years of studies and work in several different countries. I found that solutions to current societal challenges such as poverty, resource scarcity, climate change or migration are not always obvious and change processes happen along many twists and turns. Thus, my experiences led me to two conclusions:

Key to understanding complex societal problems is applying a systemic perspective. Key to solving such problems is cooperation between the actors in a system. Therefore I use systems analysis and help to foster networks of systemic changemakers.

Your Impact for Social Change
Do you work for a non-profit, own a social business or start up a new social enterprise?
I offer one-on-one consulting and participatory workshops to empower my clients to deal with various challenges:

– creating visibility of your organization’s impact
– improving the outcomes of your project
– overcoming persistent problems
– dealing with uncertainty and complex issues

My workshops and consulting services are available in German, English and Dutch language.

Would you like to know more?
Send me a short note so we can arrange a first chat about the problem that you are facing (for free and with no strings attached).

Are you interested in joining our efforts to support the social sector?
I am always looking to collaborate with partners along the way and would be happy to hear from you! In particular, I am interested in designers, workshop facilitators, public speakers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about social innovation and systems thinking!